HD-WSJ-KB-B Double Wings Sanitary Napkin Machine With Fast and Easy Packing   


1.Independent fast and easy packing of better appearance. Products are easier to use.
2.Special vertical and horizontal turning device meets needs of fast operation.
3.Producing various products: cotton core modal, tissue modal, triple modal etc.
4.Double wrapping and pressing process prevents cotton core from breaking and dislocating.
5.Conduction before enclosure; clear channels of different designs.
6.All major parts are equipped with electrical speed equalizer, which is easy to operate.
7.Triple layers of triple materials can be superposed and molded in combination by a particular peripheral device in accordance to users needs. And it is true to screen dotting device, which is also available to users demand.
8.Quantitative cotton fiber converging machine forms even cotton cores (cotton sticks) with unit weight adjustable by gram.
9.Independent package with presser and cutter integrated and operating precisely and east to adjust as well.
10.Transmission by gear box and timing belt.

1. Power: 380V 50Hz
2. Rate Power: 42KW(Including 2 gluing machine)
3. Capability: 200-250 pieces/min
4. Air Wastage :1000 litre/min  Air Pressure(8-10) Bars